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A New Eevee Evolution Might Come to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet


Eevee is among the largest fan-favorite creatures on this planet of Pokemon, and with the upcoming launch of Scarlet & Violet, there’s brand-new hypothesis about what we’ll see subsequent for it.  Eevee has a singular, ever-expanding number of evolutions to replicate one of many 18 given Pokemon varieties, and followers are selecting up on potential indications of a brand new, ninth Eeveelution on the horizon.  If this certainly involves go, it’ll be the primary new addition in a decade since X & Y, era VI introduced us Sylveon.

Whereas the Scarlet and Violet announcement trailers have given away no hints on the matter, followers have as a substitute turned to the anime due to a cryptic trace in one of many subplots.  In Pokemon Journeys, supporting character Chloe possesses a feminine Eevee who has but to have the ability to evolve into any of the currently-known variations attributable to ‘extra-unstable DNA’.  The plot thickens when Eevee researchers are so compelled by the case of this unevolved pokemon to the purpose at which it feels as if the story is constructing to it being a scientific coup if they’ll determine what’s going to set off the event.

Now, as YouTuber HopsandHipHop notes within the above video, this may be referring to the Let’s Go set of video games by which you may have a companion Eevee who can also’t evolve.  This counter-argument will also be supported by the truth that the Let’s Go video games had been the latest titles earlier than the Journeys anime started, so it isn’t unreasonable to recommend.  But it surely feels as if a scarcity of a considerable improvement for Chloe’s Eevee could be an enormous letdown, particularly for the reason that story is pacing itself to the purpose the place a reveal of the brand new Eeveelution would line up properly with the discharge of Scarlet and Violet this 12 months.

What would the probabilities be for a brand new Eevee?  It may be enjoyable to invest, since there are 9 varieties we’ve but to see it take except one other kind is added this era as properly.  Maybe Metal, Poison, or Bug?  A Dragon Eevee may really feel a tad imposing, however could be extra thrilling than Flying, Floor, or Rock-types, which we’ve additionally not seen.  There are additionally the darker implications of what kind of stone or circumstances you would wish to deliver a few Ghost-type Eeveelution, however we think about Pokemon wouldn’t go too overtly macabre there.  In the event that they did although, Spectreon could be a stable title.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet variations launch later in 2022, for the Nintendo Change.  Maintain your eyes out for extra tales, and be sure you try our guides on Pokemon Go!


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