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Prime 10 Rarest FFXIV Titles (& Methods to Get Them)


Closing Fantasy XIV gamers have been thriving for a few years experiencing every thing the sport has to supply. Alongside the way in which, completionist gamers might have begun their hunt to gather the entire titles in Eorzea for themselves to enjoy accumulating. In fact, a few of these titles could be harder to acquire than others. Whether or not you’re planning to easily go for a number of titles or collect the total lot as a lot as you possibly can, then this listing of the rarest Closing Fantasy XIV titles will seemingly be fascinating for you.

Rarest Closing Fantasy XIV titles — Time To Get Amassing!

The listing is compiled from group ideas, private expertise, and has not talked about the brand new Crystalline Battle titles as they’re among the rarest in the intervening time because the mode has solely been launched these previous few weeks and over time they are going to be earned by gamers. There may be notably some that will not be talked about on this listing which can be nonetheless certainly uncommon so it’s seemingly you might arrive upon one other title that requires lots of work. As is the way in which with being a completionist! The rarest Closing Fantasy XIV titles are:

  • Final Thrillseeker
  • Excessive Curler
  • Of Dragon’s Deep
  • Necromancer
  • Trustworthy Gillionaire
  • Lunaire Riche
  • The Luckiest of Girls/Lords
  • Hoarder
  • The Hand of Mercy
  • The Trinity

Proceed studying for extra data on every title and how you can truly purchase the title in Eorzea.

Final Thrillseeker

Each Closing Fantasy XIV participant tends to like happening hunts infrequently. Looking these all-important marks down and finishing your goal of slaying them. There may be lots of enjoyable available whereas happening the hunt for the creatures you can be going through. With a view to purchase this particular title, you have to to slay a complete of 5000 ‘Rank S Elite Marks’ within the expertise. Sure, you heard that proper, 5000 marks! Not simply any marks, however among the hardest hunts there are. It’s time to get your looking gear on to your character!

Excessive Curler


Up subsequent is the Excessive Curler title and you can be visiting the enduring Gold Saucer to your title accumulating obsessions. You will want to get seven different achievements referring to the Gold Saucer. A few of which is able to web you extra titles. With a view to get the Excessive Curler title, listed below are the achievements you want and how you can get them.

  • At all times Wager On Me —You’ll have to win a complete of 1000 Triple Triad Roulette matches for this achievement and the resultant title for finishing it’s truly on this listing of the rarest Closing Fantasy XIV titles so already you already know that this title would require lots of work to get!
  • Bracket Breaker — For Bracket Breaker, your participant must win 100 Triple Triad match matches within the sport.
  • Enemy on the GATE III — Up subsequent it’s a must to full 100 GATE’s, after you do, you’ll get this achievement.
  • Mountains out of Gil-hills — A large activity for this achievement as you’ll have to get 1,000,000 MGP simply from the ‘Mini Cactpot’ on the Gold Saucer.
  • Winningest Jockey —Merely place first in 500 ‘Sanctioned Chocobo Races’, and sure, this can certainly take a while!
  • Work Smarter, Not Tougher —Much like the opposite achievement, you have to to get 1,000,000 MGP from the ‘Jumbo Cactpot’ and it must be famous that getting the MGP from the ‘Cactpots’ simply means getting it as a cumulative whole.
  • WTFungah III —Grabbing this achievement would require you to finish the ‘Any Approach the Wind Blows’ GATE a complete of 10 occasions.

After you’ve got all of these achievements you’ll get the Excessive Curler title, and a excessive curler you definitely are in the event you get this title!

Of Dragon’s Deep

The following title on the subsequent would require you to finish the search named ‘Feast of Famine’ wherein you’re going to be taking to the rivers and plenty of lakes of Eorzea to catch Dwelling Legends from specified areas amongst different quest goals. You can begin the search from Wawalago in Limsa Lominsa when you may have accomplished one other quest known as  ‘The Beast of Brewer’s Beacon’ and have reached degree 50 because the ‘Fisher’ job inside the expertise.


For Necromancer, you may have one of the vital colossal duties within the expertise to finish. You’ll have to clear The Palace of the Lifeless solo from the first flooring to the two hundredth flooring together with that flooring. That is an immense activity and all your follow all through the sport with fight and efficient technique shall be wanted so that you can get this particular title.

Trustworthy Gillionaire

If you wish to acquire some gill then that is definitely the title so that you can begin going for as you have to to earn a complete of 10,000,000 Gil simply from ‘Levequests’, this can require lots of time however if you’re wanting a particularly uncommon title in your assortment, then this is likely one of the rarest there’s.

Lunaire Riche

With a view to get this title, you have to to raid the very ultimate part/stage of the Excitatron 6000 raid a complete of 20 occasions. Given how tough the raid could be for lots of gamers, this can be a title that you can be planning loads for!

The Luckiest of Girls/Lords


Are you able to go some treasure looking? Glorious! As a result of this title can have you exploring the Hidden Canals of Uznair’s deepest part a complete of 20 occasions. This title additionally adjustments title primarily based on the gender of the character who acquires it. For instance, if you’re enjoying as a feminine character, you’ll get ‘The Luckiest of Girls’ title.


For the Hoarder title, you have to to seek out 10,000 items of the ‘Accursed Hoard’ and these are special-looking treasure chests that may be situated inside the Palace of the Lifeless infrequently whereas adventuring although. There can even be a glowing circle on the ground indicating that one is there. Combining going for this title with the ‘Necromancer’ title will definitely be a sound technique for getting the titles.

The Hand of Mercy

This title is gotten by eliminating 5000 enemies in any frontline marketing campaign. That shall be lots of PVP that it’s essential to enterprise into so as to get this particular title. Ensuring to have one of the best PVP jobs at any given time will bolster your possibilities of getting extra dispatches of enemies all through the modes.

The Trinity

Lastly, The Trinity title could be acquired by profitable a complete of 1000 Triple Triad Roulette matches which is linked to one of many achievements you want on the Gold Saucer for one of many titles talked about earlier within the article. Triple Triad is lots of enjoyable and has been a fan-favorite mini-game since its introduction into the Closing Fantasy XIV franchise.

With that large listing of titles with tough goals, you’ll definitely have loads to start planning and strategizing for if you’re desirous to go for these titles so greatest allow you to begin to get ready! Could you stroll within the mild of the crystal in your journey forth warrior of sunshine.

Closing Fantasy XIV is offered now on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.


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