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Two New Godot 4 Sample Scenes –

In a follow-up to our earlier Four Godot 4 Graphic Demo Scenes from again in March, we now have an extra two new Godot 4 pattern scenes.

The primary new scene is the Desert Light instance, described as:

A graphics demo for Godot 4 – Focus is Volumetric Fog and Oblique Illumination. This can be a quick demo and take a look at for the International Illumination (SDFGI), Oblique Lighting (SSIL) and Volumetric Fog.

Apparently, it appears to make use of VoxelGI as an alternative of SDFGI. The code is licensed underneath the MIT open supply license.

The second new scene is the Godot 4 Overgrown Subway, options of this demo embody:

  1. Makes use of LightMapGI and ReflectionProbes.
  2. Makes use of Volumetric Fog
  3. Buttons and sliders in sport menu for enabling SSIL, SSAO, Glow. Additionally has enter sensitivity controls and quantity controls.
  4. Makes use of Decal nodes launched with Godot 4.
  5. Makes use of AudioStreamPlayer3D nodes for sound results.
  6. Makes use of Mix File workflow, Mix information included.

This undertaking can be launched underneath the MIT open supply license and makes use of baked lightmaps.

Along with these two demoes, the Godot Open RPG project from GDQuest as now been ported to work with Godot 4.

You’ll be able to be taught extra about each new Godot 4 pattern rendering scenes within the video beneath.

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